Rodney Jacobs for State Senate

District 35

We believe in inspiring hope for a better tomorrow through democratic values. Join us in our mission to create positive change and pave the way for a brighter future for all.

Vote for Rodney Jacobs to support Economics for the Dinner Table; Education that promotes prosperity; Environmental Protection; and the Prevention of Sickness.

Why I'm running

For people who care about the issues

Throughout my life, I have been committed to serving the public and working towards the betterment of our communities. As a Senator, I aim to uphold the principles of integrity, dedication, and commitment to service  to bring constructive change to our society. My foremost priorities are: Economics for the Dinner Table; Education that promotes prosperity; Environmental Protection; and the Prevention of Sickness.  However, none of these goals can be achieved without effective bipartisan collaboration. I believe in the power of unity and creating a platform where constructive dialogue can flourish with all constituencies.

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Rodney has a unique combination of military, legal, health and compliance experience, which makes him well-equipped to handle the complexities of government and policy-making.

The Issues

Economics For the Dinner Table

My foremost priority is to advocate for inclusive economic policies that foster sustainable growth, prioritize keeping people in their homes, food on their table, and job creation, ensuring that everyone has access to equal opportunities and a dignified standard of living.

Education that Promotes Prosperity

I am deeply committed to improving our education system, aiming to provide quality education for all children, irrespective of their background.

Environmental Protection

I strongly believe in the need to address climate change and protect our environment for future generations. I will work towards implementing sustainable initiatives, encouraging renewable energy, protecting our agriculture and food sources, and promoting responsible policies to combat climate change.

Prevention of Sickness

I have a heavy focus on improving healthcare for all. With a strong emphasis on accessibility, affordability, and quality, I aim to enact policies that ensure every individual has access to comprehensive healthcare services, ultimately improving the overall well-being of our communities.

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